Soooooo, I got my TMNT Revoltechs in today… and this was the first thing that came to mind when posing.

never too old to ‘play’ around with action figures

C’mon Leo don’t look so shocked, that’s what dreams come true are made of <3

SO GOOD I want them aaah D: D:

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Hnngg my phone stopped working. Hopefully the Apple Store can fix it tomorrow but I dunno. Gah. Imma have to spend 500 bucks on a new one. Yay for money I don’t have. Right when I decide I’m taking a break from commissions, too. XD Gnnnh. Should be fine, but still kinda fuckin’ sucks to have huge unexpected expenses like that. *sigh*.

(basically the screen doesn’t turn on anymore. Siri still beeps when I hold the button but doesn’t seem to hear me. Phone still rings or vibrates when someone calls, but it’s impossible to answer. :C It just happened all of a sudden, too. Wah. I had the phone for a bit more than 2 years now so :c……. boo. )

I was gonna draw tomorrow but nope, gotta go to the store to fix that. :C sorry guys. On the plus side my shoulder’s doing a bit better today!

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I may or may not have just dislocated my right shoulder while taking out the trash.
Lesson learned; never taking the trash out again. Hoarders tv show here I come

Fuckin hurts tho. But hey i can still type :D

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Oh man
Looks like I’ll be stuck with more overtime tonight. The past two weeks have been terrible..!
I have 36 extra work hours done and there are still 2 days left to the 2 week pay period..!
I’ve only been eating takeout and I feel gross and exhausted and oh maaaan. Hahaha. At least they’re giving me days off next week. X__x

Okay back to work I love you

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GUYS Deviata is back!!!

So many of you asked me news about her whereabouts and I just didn’t know…

WELL SHE’S BACK with a new page to her comic,”Brothers no matter what”, too! Let’s all give her a warm WELCOME BACK  <3!!!

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